Maria's Offshore Wind Journey

Maria Kræmer Christina Fredrik Michelet 1

As a project trainee, Maria Kræmer worked with partners Christian Fredrik Michelet and Torkjel Kleppo Grøndalen from the Energy Department. Her work focused on offshore wind, which is a highly topical subject, as Norway is in the process of considering its future energy needs.

Maria Kræmer Christina Fredrik Michelet 2

Maria's work consisted of conducting a legal analysis of the terms and conditions of the tender processes for the only opened offshore wind areas in Norway, namely Sørlige Nordsjø II (bottom-fixed) and Utsira nord (floating). This included conducting a comparative study of the two tender processes as regards prequalification criteria, allocation, and support schemes. Maria also carried out an in-depth analysis of the Norwegian Contract for Difference draft. The work also involved communicating with Energy Departments abroad in order to compare the Norwegian Contract for Difference to the corresponding contracts in other countries.

Furthermore, Maria gained practical experience through both external and internal meetings, where she had the opportunity to present the status of the offshore wind industry and what legal challenges the sector is facing.

“The practical and specialized knowledge you acquire as a project trainee is very valuable. The opportunity to shape the project in consultation with attorneys who are experts in their fields has allowed me to work on issues that I find both interesting and highly relevant. I strongly recommend applying for a position as a project trainee!”

Maria Kræmer
Maria Kræmer Christina Fredrik Michelet 3