Sigurd in the Supreme Court

Sigurd D Vasseljen

Sigurd D. Vasseljen was engaged as a project trainee taking part in our team for a case for the Norwegian Supreme Court. He worked with partner Thomas Horn and associate Ole Grepp from the Dispute Department. The Supreme Court-case struck at the core of criminal law, concerning the understanding of criminal intent and the link between intent and the criminal act ("dekningsprinsippet").

Thomas Horn, Ole Grepp and Sigurd Vasseljen at the Supreme Court. Photo.

Partner Thomas Horn says Sigurd played an important part of the team. Discussing the case with Sigurd was always very valuable. In fact, the discussions with Sigurd in the Supreme Court made me able to focus the oral pleadings on the most important arguments.

Supreme Court Discussion; Thomas Horn, Ole Grepp, Sigurd Vasseljen.

Sigurd tells us that he took part in the court preparations, including searching for legal sources and discussing argumentation strategies. During the hearing in the Supreme Court I took notes and deliberated with Thomas and Ole during the breaks. In between the court days we had a long discussion on what appropriate and sensible adjustments could be made.

“The project traineeship has been incredibly interesting and instructive. As a project trainee you are given the opportunity to delve into only one case and follow it all the way to the court. You also get to work closely with a team of skilled lawyers. I highly recommend applying for a project traineeship!”

Project Trainee Sigurd Vasseljen.