Sandra's experience as a participant in the Moot Court Competition

The Nordic Moot Competition works with social relevant themes in Human Rights. When Sandra Ulleland was a student in The Nordic Moort Competion she met several fellow students in working groups, got to work on facts that really can relate to dispute resolution cases in Schjødt and got trained in presentation skills. Things that you don’t learn by just reading law books at School.

Sandra Ulleland. Photo.

“Unnerving, very fun and good cooperation between the students. It’s a flat structure between students and lawyers. All these experiences did that I applied as an associate when I had handed in my master thesis.”

Sandra Ulleland

Sandra is today employed as an associate in the disputes resolution department and has brought with her a lot of knowledge and experience from The Nordic Moort Competion. In 2022 she was also a part of the team that guided the students at the Nordic Moort Competition in Copenhagen, Denmark.