Johan Linder


Johan Linder. Photo
Johan joined Schjødt (previously Hamilton) in 1991 and has worked with bankruptcies and other insolvency matters since then. Thus, he experienced the flood of bankruptcies that swept over Sweden at that time. During this financial crisis, working with bankruptcies occupied most of his hours, and Johan was closing down real estate companies as well as industrial, trading and service businesses of various size and purpose. He has continued working with bankruptcies, reconstructions and liquidations to a great extent and have, after more than 30 years in the business, experience from hundreds of such matters.

Within the frame of working with bankruptcies and reconstructions he has developed a special knowledge in the field of State wage guarantee, and he is a member of the Swedish National Group for State Wage Guarantee. Johan has also been engaged with the Swedish Association for Insolvency Practitioners, Rekon, where he was a member of the board 2011-2018.
Since the mid-1990s, Johan has provided advise in employment matters and assisted clients in various kinds of negotiations as well as in court disputes. He does, however, not act before courts only in employment matters, but also in various kinds of other civil law disputes.

Throughout the years, he has been giving courses and lectures in the fields of insolvency and employment, both within the frame of Schjødt’s business as well as for professional course organizers.

Prior to joining Schjødt (previously Hamilton), he was a Law Clerk (Swedish Enforcement Office and District Court of Huddinge).


  • 1988

    Master of Laws Degree (LL.M.), Stockholm University