Dispute Resolution, Litigation & Arbitration

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Our founder, Annæus Schjødt was a renowned Norwegian litigator and dispute resolution remains a core area of practice for Schjødt today across our offices in Norway, Stockholm, Copenhagen and London. We advise on all types of commercial litigation in each of these jurisdictions acting for financial institutions, corporates of all sizes, individuals, insurers and litigation funders, with particular expertise in the energy, construction, infrastructure, pharmaceuticals, intellectual property, financial, property and maritime sectors. In addition, we have highly regarded internal investigation and white-collar criminal defence practice. We advise clients in relation to corruption, and other white-collar criminal offences, including cyber and IP crime, serious environmental crime and violations of securities and competition laws.

At the heart of our approach is specialization. We early recognized the importance on dispute resolution and litigation as a skill, which has allowed us to build a team at all levels of seniority with the competence and experience to ensure excellence in service delivery and execution.

Effective litigation requires more than mastery of the procedural rules. The ability to manage a team of lawyers and experts, to understand the peculiarities of the industry involved, and the personal and corporate dynamics of the dispute and to apply legal analysis to these to generate a successful strategy in a cost-effective manner is the hallmark of cutting edge litigation. We combine broad legal expertise and market knowledge with a thorough understanding of our clients' business needs. Our lawyers work closely with specialised lawyers in other practice groups to provide our clients with the most constructive, individually tailored and cost-efficient solutions.

In Scandinavia and in the UK we have extensive experience litigating the largest and most complex disputes. In Norway, Schjødt's litigators have argued both the longest court case ever before the Norwegian courts (the Balder case) and the largest (Shipping back-tax case). In London our lawyers were involved in the longest running maritime arbitration ever (Solitaire).

In our London office, we offer an expert team of dispute resolution lawyers recruited from the leading commercial practices, with the ability to represent clients successfully in the largest and most complex commercial disputes. Our team there includes not only lawyers, but also specialist litigation support managers, with the skills in document management and IT that are the backbone of modern litigation and enable us to provide a truly cost \-effective and best-in-class service.

These skills and our practice coalesce in international arbitration. Our lawyers have experience of international arbitration in all of the jurisdictions where we have offices, and throughout Europe in the various neutral arbitration forum, in London, Singapore, and the Middle East.

Schjødt's Litigation and Arbitration team has been consistently recognized as a first-tier practice by all the respected legal directories and publications throughout the world, including Chambers & Partners, Legal 500 and PLC.

Our services include:

  • Litigation before all national courts in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and the United Kingdom

  • International litigation before international courts and tribunals

  • National and international arbitration under all major institutional and ad hoc rules

  • EC litigation

  • White-collar defence and corporate social responsibility

  • Negotiation, mediation and conciliation