Trainee positions

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Regular traineeship

Regular trainees spend 4-6 weeks with us and get varied and exciting assignments and challenges, on the same level as our associates. You will be included in the professional and social fellowship of our lawyers, and a dedicated fellow associate will be your sponsor ("fadder"). If you have specific areas of interest, we will seek to allocate you to a sponsor and workplace in the relevant department. However, as we think you should have the opportunity to explore several areas of business and law, you may be assigned work tasks from all our practice areas.

In Oslo, Bergen and Stavanger, we receive trainees throughout the year, except Christmas and summer. In Stockholm, trainees work in summertime.

As our traineeships are very popular, you should consider applying in good time in advance of your intended stay. Trainees will normally have reached at least the third year before their work period starts.

Deadline for applications

Norway: 15 January, 1 March, 1 September and 1 November

Project trainee

We always strive to create great opportunities for Club Schjødt members. This includes offering some talented members of Club Schjødt engagement as a project trainee dedicated to a certain case or a certain project. For instance a number of students have been part of our team in Supreme Court cases (even Grand Chamber-cases) or cases for the Strasbourg Court (ECHR). One student acted as secretary for the Bar Association's committee on Criminal law and Criminal Procedure, preparing the consultative report on the new law on Criminal Procedure. Another student assisted Schjødt's lawyers in preparing a new international regime for the use of green hydrogen.

As a project trainee, the working arrangements will normally be highly flexible and extend over some time, thus offering the student great freedom of work. As the student is allocated to only one case or one particular project, the student gets the opportunity to perform in-depth work and acquire in-depth knowledge, as well as the opportunity to work closely with specific and dedicated Schjødt lawyers. The work may even be combined with a master thesis scholarship.

International trainee

As Schjødt is a truly international law firm with branches in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and the UK, some members of Club Schjødt will even get the opportunity to spend part of their traineeship abroad.