Special Resource Team

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Several of our clients face legal issues that involve significant values and/or concern matters of great importance. We have taken the consequence of this, and have set up a Special Resource Team that can deliver opinions, second opinions, reports and the like at short notice.

By establishing such a team, we want to offer the market access to a heavily scientific environment that can assist in larger and/or complex cases. The members of the team are also frequently used as arbitrators.

The members of the Special Resource Team are lawyers with extensive academic and scientific experience. They have authored a number of academic publications, and have extensive experience in writing opinions, reports, etc., in specific cases. By combining the team members' experience as lawyers with their experience with review and research work, we want to offer unique expertise for larger, more complex assignments.

One of the tasks of the Special Resource Team is to write articles and books. We want to contribute to the professional, legal debate, both on current topics and to topics of a more fundamental nature.

The team is also responsible for the legal training program in our internal training program, Schjødt Excellence, and several of the team's members are also found as speakers at external lectures and seminars.