Sports Law

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Schjødt's Sports Law practice group is a comprehensive "one-stop shop" for athletes, as well as agents/intermediaries, governing bodies, associations, leagues, and clubs, offering a wide range of legal services tailored to the unique needs of clients in the sports industry. We understand the intricacies of this dynamic sector and are committed to providing specialized legal guidance to help our clients navigate their professional careers successfully.

Our team of experienced attorneys brings deep knowledge and expertise in areas such as imaging rights, intellectual property (IP), contract negotiations, tax advice and dispute resolution. We recognize that athletes often face complex legal challenges and require tailored strategies to protect their interests, enhance their brands, and maximize their financial opportunities.

Examples of key areas of expertise:

Imaging Rights and Intellectual Property:

  • Advising on the protection and exploitation of image rights, trademarks, and copyrights.
  • Assisting in negotiating licensing agreements for the use of clients' likeness, branding, and merchandise.
  • Conducting IP audits to ensure comprehensive protection of clients' intellectual property assets.

Contract Negotiations:

  • Negotiating and drafting contracts for sponsorships and endorsement deals with brands and advertisers.
  • Assisting in contract negotiations for merchandise and licensing agreements.
  • Reviewing and negotiating media and broadcasting contracts for athletes.
  • Negotiations on transfer agreements between clubs.

Professional athlete's contracts:

  • Negotiation and review of professional contracts with employees, transfer clubs and associations
  • Negotiation and drafting of contracts with agents and other intermediaries
  • Negotiating and drafting contracts for Esports teams

Broadcasting rights

  • Assisting in the sale or acquisition of broadcasting rights to events and leagues

Examples of contracts an athlete may enter into:

  • Sponsorship Contracts: Negotiating agreements with major brands for endorsements, product promotions, and marketing campaigns.
  • Merchandising and Licensing Contracts: Structuring deals for the licensing of our clients' names, logos, and other intellectual property rights for merchandise sales.
  • Broadcasting and Media Contracts: Advising on agreements for the licensing and distribution of athletes' content through various media channels, including television, streaming platforms, and social media.

Tax Advice:

  • Providing tax planning strategies to optimize our clients' income, considering international tax implications.
  • Assisting with tax compliance and reporting requirements for athletes.
  • Advising on tax-efficient structuring of endorsement deals and other income-generating activities.

Dispute resolution:

  • Representation in disputes between athletes, clubs, federations, or other parties, including transfer disputes, contract disputes, and disciplinary matters.
  • Mediating and negotiating resolutions to conflicts, seeking favorable outcomes for athletes, clubs, federations, or other parties.
  • Representation in arbitration or court proceedings when disputes cannot be resolved through negotiation.

At Schjødt, we are committed to offering a holistic approach to legal representation, providing our clients in the sports industry with comprehensive solutions to protect their interests, safeguard their brands, and achieve their financial goals. With our deep industry knowledge and tailored legal guidance, we aim to be the trusted legal partner for athletes and entertainers throughout their careers.