Sanctions & Export Controls

Cars on road with do not enter signs.

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International sanctions regimes are highly complex, dynamic, and prone to change at short notice. Acting in violation of economic sanctions and export control regulations may have serious negative consequences for businesses and the persons involved, including criminal and civil liability. A breach may also have significant reputational impact and potentially damage a company’s relationship with business partners and financial institutions.

Schjødt's experienced trade compliance team assists clients engaging in cross-border commerce to navigate compliance with sanctions, export controls, and other trade control laws and regulations. Our team brings deep insight into relevant legal and regulatory requirements governing trade and investment activities, and we have developed a practical and risk-based methodology for mitigating sanctions risks on behalf of clients.

Our services include:

  • Sanctions compliance program development and revisions of policies and procedures

  • Sanctions risk assessments

  • Integrity due diligence and screening

  • Contract drafting

  • Export control licenses and communication with relevant authorities

  • Training and workshops

  • Legal assessments of civil and criminal liability

  • Corporate investigations

  • Government interactions