White-Collar Crimes

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With a large and diverse litigation department, Schjødt, in addition to civil matters, also takes on and handles contentious civil matter and criminal cases. Schjødt has over decades built up a broad expertise within white-collar crime, criminal law, criminal procedure and regulatory matters, defending businesses, executives, employees, and other individuals against allegations relating to all significant areas of white-collar crime, including corruption and fraud. We regularly litigate criminal cases before the Norwegian Supreme Court.

Our team includes experienced lawyers, public defenders and former senior public prosecutors and judges. Together, Schjødt’s team serves national and international business clients on any issue related to criminal law, criminal procedure, and compliance/regulatory issues.

The best defence requires good investigative tactics, crisis management, including media relations, sophisticated litigation skills and effective negotiation strategies. Clients seek our services because we possess the necessary experience to guide them through complicated and sensitive issues.

We have extensive experience with assisting clients in cross-border matters.

Our services include:

  • White-collar defence and litigation

  • Criminal law and criminal procedure in general

  • Legal assessments of corporate criminal liability

  • Interactions with regulators

  • Regulatory and environmental crime

  • Criminal jurisdiction