Fisheries & Aquaculture

Fish farming cages on the ocean.

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Fisheries and aquaculture is Norway's second largest export industry, and contributes to significant business along the entire coast of Norway. Schjødt’s lawyers have for many years assisted some of the main players in the industry. Our assistance includes a wide range of services, including industry-specific advice, purchase and sale of businesses and dispute resolution.

Industry advice

Fisheries and aquaculture is one of the most regulated sectors in Norway. The industry is largely subject to licensing, and there are comprehensive and often complex statutory regulations. Specialist expertise related to regulatory issues, such as the quota system, allocation criteria and licensing, is therefore essential to provide the best possible advice. In Schjødt, we are in regular contact with the industry and the fisheries authorities, so that we are always up to date on the operational and legal challenges facing our clients. Our lawyers will at all times be updated on the industry's frequently changing conditions. Schjødt has released a commentary textbook to the Norwegian Aquaculture Act.

Purchase of businesses

In recent years, Schjødt has assisted in connection with more transactions than any other Norwegian law firm. We are frequently involved in transactions specifically related to fisheries and aquaculture. Our specialist expertise on the legal framework that the businesses are subject to represents a competitive advantage when we provide assistance in connection with the purchase and sale of businesses in this industry. Schjødt provides assistance to companies, financial institutions and investors in connection with financing, refinancing and restructuring of companies in the fisheries and aquaculture industry.

Dispute resolution

Schjødt also has one of the strongest teams within the field of dispute resolution in Norway, with a unique track record over many years. As the first of the large law firms, we gathered our expertise within litigation and dispute resolution in a separate department, recognizing that the best expertise is achievable through specialisation. Several of the lawyers in the dispute department have in-depth industry knowledge within fisheries and aquaculture and are also dedicated members of our practice group on fisheries and aquaculture.

Our services include:

  • Applications for licenses and other governmental approvals, such as aquaculture licenses, industry permits, special permits, participation access and quotas

  • Assistance in matters concerning sanctions in relation to violation of fisheries and aquaculture legislation, including fines, violation fines and confiscation

  • Assistance in connection with preparation of consultation papers

  • Establishment of optimal corporate structures, inter alia in light of the fisheries legislation's requirements for activity requirements and national ownership

  • Environmental issues

  • Technology protection

  • Negotiation and preparation of contracts, inter alia in connection with the purchase of new net cages, new vessels and other equipment

  • Assistance in connection with the purchase and sale of companies

  • Financing solutions

  • Tax law advice

  • Competition law and EU law assistance

  • Assistance in connection with disputes