Renewable Energy

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Energy transition is the future of our practice and our Scandinavian heritage in combination with our English law expertise gives us a clear competitive advantage on other players in the market.

Energy transition is characterized by innovative start-ups and established energy companies. We applaud the energy and innovation of these sectors, and have utilised our own entrepreneurial spirit coupled with our in-depth knowledge of the energy industry to advise on a long and prominent string of renewable energy and clean-tech businesses and projects, generating power from wind, wave and hydroelectric, hydrogen (green and blue), bio-fuels, ammonia and solar, to assist our clients as they build businesses in these exciting areas.

Our client base reflects the innovative and rapidly evolving nature of the industry and is a mix of start-ups, investors, established energy companies and service providers, municipalities and public authorities.

Our team provides a full range of services, involving inter alia technology development and intellectual property rights, fundraising, regulatory and concessions, power trading, M&A and capital markets transactions, landowner rights, EPC agreements, supply agreements, sales and offtake agreements, public support schemes and EC regulation affecting incentives to the industry.

Our network of international offices enables us to draw on the different approaches each of these countries is taking to the energy transition and its regulation, and we are investing heavily in recruiting lawyers with in-house experience in these areas and in working with industry groups advising on appropriate regulation and contract terms to facilitate the development of these new technologies.

Our services include:

  • Incorporation and start-up

  • Regulatory/concession

  • Power sales and trade of energy related financial instruments

  • Technology supply agreements and construction (turbines, balance of plant, etc.)

  • Property rights, including dispute resolution, compulsory acquisition, etc.

  • Technology and IPR

  • Industrial joint ventures

  • EPC agreements

  • Supply agreements

  • Offtake and sales agreements

  • Public procurement

  • Equity/debt financing and project financing

  • Support schemes, state aid and antitrust

  • M&A and capital market transactions